Yobe state Geidam Residents suffers Boko Haram Attack

YOBE STATE: Boko Haram members on Wednesday 6th January, 2021 stormed a Geidam, Geidam Local Government Council in Yobe state about 185000 metres from the Yobe state capital, Damaturu.

According to our sources in Tabloidstream, it was reported that the supposed attack had been rumored to happen during the afternoon 1pm to be precise which made many of the residents to flew for their life.

Unfortunately, the heartless Boko Haram Members outsmarted the villagers by launching the surprise attack 4 hours later that the rumored time which was by 5pm by evening time.

This surprise attack took many of the residents by surprise and most of them that had returned home since the attack didn’t take place turned out to be victim of the insurgent shootings that could be heard from distances.

Tabloidstream spoke with one of the villagers by name Mr. Idris Garba who explained to us about the extent of the attack. He said that irrespective of the fact that the state had responded by sending in fighter jets the community, the shootings of the terrorist had still persisted inside the community which had resulted in a lot of people losing their life.

Our sources tried to get the operation Lafiya Dole Sector 2 spokesman, Lieutenant Anyanwu Kennedy, they were not able to reach me as their calls were neither answered nor were their text which was sent to him.

When we have more info about the attack Tabloidstream will update the article.

Always endeavor to keep up-to-date with our latest news so as to have a fresh and all round knowledge of what is happening not only in the country but also worldwide.



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