TSMedia Updates

14th March 2021

Our business name TABLOIDSTREAM MEDIA has been fully approved and registered by CAC. We will be making changes to our services and web portal in the next few weeks to reflect a fully advertising firm as has always been intended. In the meantime, the points scoring system has been disabled. Please stay tuned for the updates.

7th November 2020

We are running a promo to mark 3 months since we launched. Registration fee has been slashed to N1500 and referral bonus still remains N1000. Offer valid while stock lasts.

28th September 2020

As written in the how it works page all those who have already withdrawn over N2500 will need to refer at least 1 person to be eligible for the next activity earnings withdrawal.



25th September 2020

Please note that each sponsored post will come with its own instructions, do well to follow them to the letter to avoid a ban on your account.


22nd September 2020

Our hosting company was doing some server maintenance yesterday, that was why our site was down for a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.



17th August 2020; 9:12 pm

The issues with the comments have now been fixed and all coins assigned to members

Thank you all for your patience.


17th August 2020; 5 pm

We have noticed an issue with regard to members not getting points for the comments they make. Our developers have been informed and they are working hard to fix it. During this period you may notice a glitch in your total points earned, please do not be alarmed as it will be fixed within a few hours.

Thank you for your understanding.