Ukraine TV Presenter Escaped Rape From a Stranger With Her Son.

Anastesia lugova was seriously attacked a man identified as Vitaliy Rudzko,45, she was sleeping comfortably during he journey from Ukraine Mariupol to the capital city of Kyiv, on Friday, July 31, when the rapist stormed into her.

The 28 year old Ukraine TV presenter was left with terrible facial injuries after receiving series of beating from on the train the thug who trid to rape her infront of her 6 year old son in ukraine.

Vitaliy Rudzko walked into her on the while she and her son was sleeping on the train during their trip putting on only underwear around 3am and held her by the neck.

According to Anastasia lugova, I woke up when i noticed someone holding my neck, before I could say a word, he started punching me,i screamed and called for help, but no one came out.


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The noise woke my little boy who did nothing but cried on seeing what is happening to me. I did everything to protect my son when i saw that he wanted to hurt him..Anastesia lugova

I pleaded with him not to hurt my son and agreed to do what ever he said ,he agreed and asked me to go to his compartment,on his compartment,while he was taking of his clothes to rape me , i pushed him and went back to get my son,me and my son ran to the  conductor who hid us in her compartment.

The man kept on searching for us with covering himself with a sheet, before he was apprehended by the train crew who handed him over to the police.

However, the police has filed a criminal case against him for battery and attempted rape,  I might face 8years  in prison if found guilty.

Anastasia has been hospitalized while her son Zakhar is receiving counseling because of the horrific experience,and he keeps on say “Mon, forgive me for not protecting you”

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  1. Eiyah!!! Little boy, there was nothing much you could do except to cry for help. Don’t worry, mommy understands….. For laying his hands on your mom and attempting to hurt you, that rapist of a man will definitely get what he deserves.

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