Telegram Messaging App Attains a New Milestone

Telegram Surpasses 500 Million Active Users worldwide and most of them has been as a result of invitations sent out to friend to join the social media app.

According to our sources the social media company Telegram boasted that just in the past 4 days, above 25Million new members registered on the social media and joined the 500 Million active users.

From the report, the Telegram company commends all who did their part in one way or another to help increase the number of users the company has and even added that they should also welcome such ones using their special features like the Video message and stickers.

Additionally, the social media company Telegram greatly appreciates the efforts of all its users especially the active ones……

You too can be a part of the Telegram family…simply use your web browser, type in Telegram account signup or better still go your phone’s play store or Google play search for “TELEGRAM” download and sign up.


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