RevolutionNow protesters storm Lagos Today to demand end to bad governance

REVOLUTIONNOW PROTESTERS: I am still about to write on the Nigerian government, before I stumbled into this one, at least it expresses everything that I wanted to write, there is no need to go further.

This similar thing has been happening almost every year in Nigeria, with this we can easily tell how good or bad the Nigerian government is.

Good government is one of the things that determines how far a country will go, but with what is happening here in Nigeria today, I will say that our government is In total shamble.

That is why some angry Nigerians chose today of all days to protest against the Buhari government/administration. They protested today, a day that Nigeria is supposed to be celebrating her 60th year of being independent.

RevolutionNow protesters storm Lagos Today to demand end to bad governance

Their actions today showed that is actually nothing to celebrate in Nigeria. They came out so boldly, pointing directly to the Nigerian president.

This group of people identified themselves as the RevolutionNow protesters.  During the protest, one of the RevolutionNow protesters named Agba Jalingo spoke on behalf of other, he said that they are tired of Buhari, and they are out to tell the whole world that they are tired of his administration.

The Nigeria security officers stormed the area and arrest about 30 of them, it was as if the arrest triggered their annoyance the more, and they continued saying that even with all the police mobilization, that they out and determined to confront the government.

RevolutionNow protesters storm Lagos Today to demand end to bad governance

They went forward shoutinting that they are not going to be afraid of anybody no matter what they to. They spoke on behalf of Nigerians, saying that they are tired of bearing the burden that Buhari has been pilling on them, the RevolutionNow protesters demanded the immediate reverse in the increment of fuel price, and also the suspension of the ASUU strike.

It was also reported that a lot of protests were done in Nigeria today, not just in Lagos and some of them were among the people that protested last year.

What more can I say, Nigeria @60, which way forward? .his particular question has automatically turned into a rhetorical question, because critically looking at the country, from the Economic sector, academic sector, political sector, etc you can easily conclude that the country that was once the giant of Africa, is now turning into another thing.

Should we leave Nigeria for Biafra? That’s another big question.

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  1. Nigeria matter don tire me sef, I no know watin I want talk. Our president has decided to be deaf, dumb and blind to the cries of the citizens. I pray God heals him a n Jesus name.


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