RAPE: Two friends arrested for allegedly gangraping 17-year-old girl in Jigawa

RAPE: When the government/governor of Kaduna implemented the law which permits legal removal of organs, men castration, and women removal of the fallopian tubes, we thought he was a joker. The number of rape recorded in different states is becoming so alarming.

This time around, even women are raping men, there is nothing like age there. A boy will wake up from sleep and feel like having sex, the next thing he will resort to is rape.

A boy of 18years should still be in secondary school or be very occupied in building his feature, but no, the country is so bad that something as bad as rape is being neglected.

This is another rape issue coming from Jigawa this morning. It was reported that a girl of 17years old was raped by two teenagers of 18 and 20 years in Jigawa.

The news came from the Nigerian security and civil defense corps, of Jigawa state command.

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Adamu Shehu, the spokesperson of the police command in his statement said that two boys  Abubakar Usman (18yrs) and  Ya’u Sa’idu (20yrs) broke into the family house of the victim on the 19th of Sep 2020 by exactly 4 pm and gang-raped the 17-year-old girl.

He said that when they came into the house, the girl was in the parlor sleeping, while her junior sister was in the room sleeping, they allegedly tied her hands and covered her mouth and face forcefully and had carnal knowledge of her.

While she was struggling with them, the junior sister woke up and raised an alarm, they took t their heels on hearing her voice, but unfortunately, the junior sister recognized the face of one of them, which led to their arrest.

The victim was later taken to the hospital for medical examination at the Sexual Assault Referral Centre(SARC) in Dutse general hospital, when the result came out, it showed forceful penetration and also infections on the vaginal area.

Both the two boys and the victim are from the same area, so they were charged to court for rape, trespass, and then criminal conspiracy.

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  1. So annoying, they have the guts to break into somebody’s house to rape their child. The parents should follow the case to the end. What nonsense?


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