Nollywood Star, Omotola Jelade Ekeinde, Tests Positive for Coronavirus

OMOTALA JELADE EKEINDE: Yet another coronavirus news on one of the Nigerians top celebrity, wow.

Dr. Omotala, a Nollywood star, has taken to the social media to announce that she is tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday, 15th of august.

The 42-year-old actress revealed this bad news on Instagram and also gave an update on her health.

She said,

Hello, I know you all must be asking on my way about, yes I have been away for a very long time now, that is because I have to be In the isolation center, where I am being treated of this virus, (COVID-19)

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I will still update you guys about this news soon, I just want to clear the air a little from here, because I have been receiving calls and messages about my disappearance.

The actress went further to talk about the growing cases of trailer accidents in Lagos state that have claimed many lives, she also pleaded with the state government to do something about this ugly incidence so that people’s life will be conserved.

About a month ago, Omotala revealed how her husband, a pilot, Mr. Mathew Ekeinde, had flown their 2 children in his private jet from the U.S back to Nigeria.

The two children were stranded in school in the united states because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Dr. Omotala Jalade is the third Nigerian celebrity after singers Mr p of P’square fame..

She just did the right thing by revealing this to Nigerians because many of them now go about violating those rules put forward by the NCDC to prevent the spread of the virus.

She was also applauded by Nigerians for pointing out the killings of innocent Lagosians by trailers even from the isolation center where she is receiving treatment.

Covid19 is still existing, try and abide by the rules, in order to be on a safer side.



8 thoughts on “Nollywood Star, Omotola Jelade Ekeinde, Tests Positive for Coronavirus”

  1. Most Nigerians are still in the denial of the disease. Hope this serves as an eye opener for them that Covid-19 is real and abide by the recommendations of the NCDC to stay safe. Wish her speedy recovery .

  2. COVID is very real!!! I hope we all continue to abide by the safety precautions outlined by the NCDC. Prevention is better that cure, they say.

  3. I’m glad she was bold enough to bring this to public hearing. Hopefully, people would stop thinking lightly of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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