Okezie Deborah:‘My life not Safe’—Mother of Abused Schoolboy

Mrs Okezie Deborah whose son Don Davis Archibong, a student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state was physically abuse has claimed that she has received death threats.

It was discovered how Mrs Okezie purported about her son’s starvation and molestation by his seniors in school for me sent to the dormitory for bed wetting often.

She also purported according to her son that his senior coerced him to allow them insert their legs and hands into his anus and threatened his life is he revealed it to anyone.

On 24th December, 2020, Mrs Okezie posted a video on her FB page, revealing about their invitation for questioning by the Akwa Ibom state commissioner for Education, Enobong Mbobo as per the government order.

Anytime you don’t see me live on Facebook to update you, know that they have taken my phone away from me.

The commissioner called us to her office though we explained that my son was still weak and tired and as such won’t make it but they said the parents of her son’s seniors who are suspects were there already.

We replied that my son was relocated to a different hospital, but they insisted that we come with him, since it was the governor’s order as per the investigations we had to oblige.

While at the office, my family and i sat with the board members of the school, the senior’s parents and their friends.

Mrs Okezie claimed that the commissioner was partial and she requested she deletes her live videos which is now trending.

She also said that she was questioned and harassed on her reason for using a live video to air everything and that the commissioner alleged that it’s now a big problem for the state government and her.

She claimed she remain undeterred and didn’t buy into their intimidation even after she partial commissioner had asked her son questions she objected to.

Mrs Okezie also stated that he mobile phone was taken away and one of parents of her son’s senior want to slap her and another inflict injury on her.

She said that her family were kicked out of the office of the commissioner and insults were rained on them as they left.

Mrs Okezie made it known that the commissioner threatened to report her to the governor which she totally accepted since that was the reason she made the videos so that the governor will be aware of the incident.

She  pleaded with the foreign community to help out as she only wants justice to be served.

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