NNPC “No Fuel Price Increase In March”

NNPC: Nigerian commission in charge of the petroleum the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has debunked any accusation levied against it that the petrol prize has gone up this current month of March.

According to Dr. Kennie Obateru, GM of Group Public Affairs Division who announced this on the last day of February made it clear that such accusations are false and should but not believed.

Dr. Kennie Obateru made it further crystal clear that the corporation has no such plans in the current month so as not to distort planned arrangement other bodies have with them or even the masses who will the mostly hard hit and affected by this.

He further warned all their marketers that any found inflating the prize would have to answer to the law and that the corporation will not let the person go scot free.

He also sort to calm the masses to avoid rushing into buying petrol in panic due the fact that the corporation petrol storage can last up to 40 days and will be enough of the nation.

All concerned bodies were asked to throw in their support during this critical point in time and help ease the burden on the commission as well as keep a close eye of the marketers.

Also, he also advised relevant bodies to take legal actions if need be against defaulters who would attempt to inflate the prize for their own personal gain and at the expense of innocent citizens in the country.

This announcement will come as a sign of relief to all Nigerians who have been disturbed by the recent confused reports about the country petroleum sector.

Tabloidstream advices all to keep calm as well will continue reporting all related issues connected to this incident within the shortest time available.

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