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Highly Classified! Look at the ★Nigerian State Security Service Ranks★!

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Nigerian State Security Service Ranks: Let’s share a little secret with you! Here you will know some shared details! Don’t miss out on the Nigeria State Security Service standards. They are here to work for you and it is time to get to know their levels and salaries. Follow us to find out more about SSS!

The Nigerian State Security Service (SSS Nigeria) has also been referred to the Department of State Services. It is a mistake that is being made in a Nigerian home. They only respond to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The president appoints top officials who command the organization. Everything connected to the organization is segmented.

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Even the salary of the State Security Office and the standards are key details. Still, we all know that nothing is hidden. SSS Nigeria was a successful National Security Organization. It was a military organization designed to defend Nigeria.

The Director-General holds a very high position in the State Security Service. In open sources, you can find the levels of director-general before they are appointed. The first Director-General was Colonel Abdullahi Mohammed. You can only find the position of Colonel in the Nigerian Festivals building. All details regarding SSS Nigeria positions are categorized. However, they are part of the Nigerian military base and have similar positions.

Positions of SSS Nigeria – Nigerian State Security Service Ranks


– Rent

– Privacy

– Lance-Corporate

– Involvement

– Sergeant

– Staff Sergeant

Junior Managers

– Second Lieutenant

– Lieutenant

– Captain

Senior Management

– Great

– Lieutenant Colonel

– Colonel.

Top Officials- Brigadier General;

– Major General

– Lieutenant General

– Normal

SSS Nigeria Salary

From open sources, it is known that the Director-General of Political Security Services receives one million Naira a month. Details about the Government’s salary of other officials are divided. Not available to the public.

Restoration of State Security

If you want to be part of the local intelligence, you will have to follow the SSS recruitment. The Nigerian Navy, Air Force, Police, and Army have some time for re-employment. The Department of State Security has the right to demand employment at any time. All candidates will have to go through several tests before they can become members of the SSS.

Everyone must have at least a NECO and WAEC certificate. You will not be considered an SSS member if they do not have these certificates. SSS prefers to hire graduate students.

What will you have at SSS?

First, it is an honor to serve our country. If you become a member of the SSS, you will have a certain social status. At the same time, it is a big job for you. Most details about SSS are segmented. It means you have to prepare your personal information to be categorized. Apart from this, you can expect to have a position with the National Security Hall.

If you work hard enough, you can become the Director-General of SSS. Do not forget that this person earns about one million Naira a month. You can find more information about Government service re-employment at You can also visit the SSS headquarters on Aso Drive in Maitama, Abuja. You have the opportunity to work for Nigeria and the State Security Service. That’s all for today’s post.

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