Nigeria Reacts As Tompolo Resurface After 6Yrs Of Hiding

Ekpemupolo popularly known as Tompolo is a former militant leader who got missing years ago, he allegedly resurfaces again, during the EndSars Protest.tom

He got into hiding after president Muhammadu Buhari got into power. Tombolo led the disbanded movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta.

He was charged by the federal high court in Lagos for 45.9 bn fraud, this was labeled against him by the State Government for ignoring two bench warrants issued against him.

After three years, the court dismissed all the charges laid against GLOBAL WEST VESSEL SPECIALIST LIMITED. This company was linked to the former Niger Delta militant TOMBOLO.

Regardlessly, Tompolo finally came out to fight for the freedom of people. Though the high court tried to lay the charges against him, to no avail.

Tompolo made an appearance on the 19th of October 2020 at his village shrine Gbesu Oporoza country home in Delta State.

Victoriously, he was filmed dancing with his village kinsmen with their traditional outfit. But the big question is ” is Tombolo against or for us”?

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Amid the #ENDSARSPROTEST# People are bewildered, shock, and in deep chaos, if Tompolo is for or against, as all these are taken to Twitter.

What is the fate of Nigeria as things are gradually turning from good to bad, people dying and killing increasing in significant numbers.

It is terrible why we haven’t heard any hope of assurance since her country Nigeria is left unrest. But definitely, things will pass, all other terrible things wiped away.

This too shall pass away and our heroes past shall not be in vain.

As Tompolo Ekoemupolo is out, we wait to know how the next step will look like.

The country is frightening and in a state of confusion, we hope for a better tomorrow.

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