Luis Fruentes,Murdered His Three Sons

LUIS FRUENTES: You would probably be wondering what caused a human to massacre his three grown sons? Some will speculate, is he mad? Is he demented? Does he have common human control at all?

Well, there’s a story behind this assassinating of a man killing his 3 sons_Luis who is 10years, Juan_9years, and Alexander_8years.

Luis Fruentes is a 38year California man who killed his three sons. Currently, he is sentenced to 78years in prison by Los Angeles superior court judge, Lisa B lench.

Fuentes admitted to using a knife on his three sons. On September 9_2015, the children were found dead in the father’s SUV which was parked a south furniture warehouse with wounds I’m the front seats. This is what KLTA reported.

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The report holds that Fuentes was facing challenges while he was unemployed, this made him depressed living with his sons in the SUV.

He lost his wife and became more depressed and devastated. His wife died of Brain Aneurysm in 2008.

Los Angeles country department time further reported that he Fuentes was fond of abusing his children. This information came from an anonymous call.

Another carried out investigation showed that Fuentes was accused of flogging his then five-year-old son with a belt before they were placed on supervision for a year.

As it stands, Fuentes is currently held by a twin towers correctional facility, awaiting transfer to the state prison.

The fate of Fuentes the California man who killed his three sons is either in doom or a death sentence as a charge.

We pray that whatever the case may be, God should forgive his ignorance. The only prayer to say because he will never be set free or come out alive.

Let’s be guided in all our hasty doings.

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