Live sport is back in UK! Fans to be allowed into stadiums from December 2

Prime Minister Boris is set to reveal the new three_tier system that will come into force in England after the lockdown ends on December 2nd, with this, sports fans will finally be allowed back into the stadiums.

The reason for the implementation of this new tire will help that is why it is brought into recognition. This will be officially recognized on the 2nd of December when the lockdown is fully lifted.

Earlier march, the returns of fans to grounds got limited and nothing seems to move, that is why there’s a need for an official proposal.

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This comes a week after the Department for Culture Media and Sport submitted proposals to the Cabinet Office for the return of fans to grounds in December for the first time since the first lockdown back in March.

Ranging from the new rules, spectator sports outdoor will be allowed in Tier_1 and Tier_2 areas to watch Premier League games and other sporting events after the lockdown ends.

A new rule has been set to allow Tier 1 and Tire 2 areas to watch premier league games and other sporting events.

According to the British media, under the softest measures in Tier_1 areas, there will be a maximum crowd size of either 50 percent stadium occupancy or 4,000 spectators. In Tier_2 areas, the stadium riles will be 50 percent of overall capacity or 2,000,

For those in Tier_3 measures, fans will still not be able to attend sporting Event.

Boris Johnson is set to make an announcement later on Monday, November 23. He will make a statement to the House of Commons, and MPs will vote on it later in the week.

We hope that these new rules and grounds breaking will yield fruitfully.

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  1. I can’t wait oo, it gives me joy to see different scenarios in the stadium, young and old cheering their respective teams, happy faces from the winning team and most times tears of joy from the winning side, and the other side sad faces from the losing team including those that have bet their life investment. Please let it come fast.


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