Sunday, June 26, 2022

Kanye West And Wife Kim Kardashian Living Separately

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Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West who are both top celebrity couples are now residing separately though at the time of writing of this article the couples are now attending marriage counseling to help their slowly dying marriage according to our sources.

For some months the celebrity couples have been live differently with 43 years old Kanye, at Wyoming and 40 years old Kim with their kids at California.

The celebrity couple who tied the knot in May, 2014 in  Italy in an extravagant and glamorous wedding have digressed from questions connected to their marriage life and problems.

Sources tells us that only the couple have been undergoing marriage counseling with regards to everyday relationship problems.

According to NBC news ‘Kim’s hubby has deep affection for his wife’s family his too and that can be seen with the bond between them. They too are doing their part to support them as the West’s undergoes the Therapy.

Annulment of their marriage has been brought up but the wife Kim has not taken up that option just yet.

They are doing their best to see if their marriage can still be pampered back to life our source told us.

Though some news publications like Page Six, People Magazine etc have said that Divorce has been taken up by Kim but such are just rumors.

The American rapper Kanye West has confessed about a disorder known as bipolar which he is suffering and how hard it is to cope with such disorder.

In the previous year West disorder has had the best of him sometimes with his out lash on matters though him and his wife have continuously apologized and pleaded with his fans and asked for them to bear with him as he attempts to work on treating the disorder through therapies designed for people with such disorder.

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