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Kamaru Usman-I Hawked Fufu On The Streets

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Kamaru Usman-I Hawked Fufu On The Streets

Kamaru Usman the present UFC’s Welterweight Champion is a living example of the struggles in one’s life during this early stages of life.

For some, the beginning can be extremely difficult and tedious but with determination and the right decision and guidance one can make it in life.

The Anglo-American Kickboxer Champion has opened on this tough life as a teen back in his country of birth Nigeria.

According to him, his family were extremely impoverished. Usman had to resort to hawking as the only source of petty income for the family.

He had to hawk Fufu commonly known as Akpu in Nigeria so as to be able to eat.

At the age of 8, he migrated to the US in search of greener pastures.

The decision slowly paid off because it was there that he discovered the sport of his heart-mixed martial arts.

During an interview with Tabloidstream, the UFC Champion made his struggles at an early age known as well as a host of other information about him which was relatively unknown to the public.

Kamara Usmanhttp://Kamaru Usman-I Hawked Fufu On The Streets had words of praise for his mother who irrespective of the tough times the family was going through made great sacrifices to fend for him and his 3 brothers.

The Edo state born Kickboxer who hails from Auchi in the state went ahead to reveal the extent of hardship the family went through in life with no hope of the next day rather to be optimistic of a better tomorrow.

The family has a small store where they sold goods such as shoes, bags clothes or any other thing they could lay their hands on during that period.

Usman whose father was imprisoned while he was in college also disclosed that the father and daughter relationship with his daughter Samirahhttp://Kamaru Usman-I Hawked Fufu On The Streets still remains intact till death.

And earlier, she was his gym partner though as some point she changed her mind and ventures into gymnastics and to protect herself she also learnt Jiu-Jitsu.

He also disclosed his plans to venture into mixed martial arts plaudit and commentary which is safer than the martial art itself.

Come April 24th, Kamara Usman will tussle with Jorge Masvidal with his UFC’s belt on the line.




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