Health Workers’ Strike Paralyze Enugu State Public Hospitals

Enugu state hospitals have commenced recruitment of nurses to fill the gap created in the hospitals with the definite strike by the health workers.

On Tuesday being 3rd of September,2020, it was revealed that all the hospitals in Enugu state-owned b the government has embarked on an indefinite industrial strike by joint health sector union JOHESU, which is made up of members of the national association of Nigeria nurses and midwives; medical and health workers union of Nigeria and the Nigeria Union of allied health professionals.

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The hospitals went on an indefinite strike because of the expiration of the deadline given by the workers for the state government to implement the 2009 CONHESS salary structure they said has even become belated, according to the state chairman of trade union congress TUC.

Patients in the hospitals were bitterly complaining because some of the works that are supposed to be done by the nurses are done by the doctors and most of the time they( the patients) will be left with no other options than to do the works themselves.

However, the government has announced the recruitment for health workers especially nurses into strategic tertiary hospitals like ESUT teaching hospital, Parklane, from Thursday  10th of Sep,2020.

There are two things involved in the sudden recruitment of the nurses, it is either you want to work or you don’t want to work, Mr. Onah also added that they really want to make peace between the labor unions and the government.

Mr. Asogwa, the TUC chairman acknowledged the administration of governor Ugwuanyi, but then he insisted that the recruitment of other health workers will not work because it is not charity work, and it is not the answer and solution to the problem.

Mr. Asogwa concluded by saying that it is an indefinite strike and until the government implements the salary structure, the strike will continue.

5 thoughts on “Health Workers’ Strike Paralyze Enugu State Public Hospitals”

  1. Such a shame that we as country are still at this level especially in the health sector. Strikes here and there, terrible!

  2. Funny enough, our government has become so stubborn that they do not yield to workers strike anymore. The best they can do is promise to sit and deliberate on the issue, but the outcome of that is never known.


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