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Water is an integral part of life. It is very essential though people have been taking it as a not necessary thing.

Adults have 90% of the water in the body and this makes us as healthier as we could imagine. Water helps the immune system to grow and circulate blood in all part of the body

  • IT HELPS TO DIGEST FOOD:¬† helps in digesting the food especially when one is choked. You can’t afford to be left out when you are choked, at least you need something to flush down the food.
  • IT QUENCHES TASTE: Under the scorching sun, and you are up with a dried throat, you need water and any liquid substance like drink to quench your taste. The natural taste makes it easier for the body to function.
  • IT HELPS TO CREATE SALIVA: Once in a while, the throat is dried and needs water, once you take in water; there’s constant saliva that stays inside the mouth. Water makes the tongue wet.
  • IT HELPS IN DEFECATION: A person can stay two to three days without defecating. But once there is an intake of water for one to two minutes, the body system changes and makes ease for the break down if hard substance.
  • IT HELPS IN AGING: So as to keep fit, and look younger, it help someone to live younger. A 40-year-old woman who drinks water will look younger than a person who doesn’t because he/she keeps fit.
  • It also helps the kidney, spinal cord, and brain functioning.

It regulates body temperature. If someone was feeling a severe high temperature, intake of water will make it possible to reduce the temperature.

The benefits of water are tremendous and cannot be overlooked or undermine.


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