Governor David Umahi Rejects Calls for sack of Service Chiefs.

Governor David Umahi stated that the service chiefs are committed to defending the territorial integrity of the country while speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Nigeria Army Reference Hospital in Abakiliki on Friday, August 7.

He went further to say that, One thing I have realized is that we like change in this country, we want everybody to have a taste of virtually every seat, I disagree with the National Assembly about the change of service chiefs.

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The only thing we need now is maximum cooperation, and not changing or replacing anybody.
The people this country needs is the inspector general and the chief of Army staff, because they are not just very civil to the society, but also very stubborn but stubborn to the policies and law of the land.

The Ebonyi state governor who averred the sack of the Chiefs may stop the fight against criminality and insurgency as the people that will be taking over from them may take some time learning the ropes, which will bring the room for more information from the masses and rise in the funding and logistics support from the government.


GOVERNOR David Umahi said that what they need is cooperation and information, stating how difficult it is for people to do without information.

He said that whoever they will bring will also learn the ropes and that whatever decision that is being taken is not taken by the chiefs alone but also with the senior officers.

He said that he will suggest to the president in charge of retaining the service chiefs that they work on increasing their funding of the armed forces, he said that the same will go for their logistics, he rounded it up saying that any program that will bring information to the security agencies should be increased instead of changing them entirely.

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