Sunday, June 26, 2022

DSS Arrests 42-year-old Man for Impersonating President Buhari’s Chief of Staff

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A 42 – years old man was arrested by the Department of State Security( DSS), the above was captured by Mohammed Prince Mom oh, for posing as an assistant to the Chief of Staff to the President Ibrahim Gambari, as Benson Aniogo of $50,000 was defrauded. Peter Afunanya the spokesman of the DSS said y exposing the issue to the newsmen, that Momoh tried to defraud Aniogu after claiming to represent Gambari and wanted the mentioned earlier amount of money to secure an appointment for him as the special adviser to the president of oil and gas.

Afunanya said that Aniogu was suspected by an indigene of Kogi state at Bayelsa State, telling him that he was a security assistant joined to Gambari.$25,000 was claimed by Momoh to belong to the Chief of Staff, while the remaining ones would belong to the boys who will help him to secure the appointment.

Momoh worked briefly some time ago as an assistant to president Villa as he had some knowledge of the workings of the environment according to Afunanya. Antigua was been visited in his house at Abuja by Momoh and his team to collect the money from him based on Afunanya’s point of view.

Momoh was arrested, as the victim noticed an unethical behavior as they alerted authorities
Nigerians was been advised by the DSS spokesman especially to those who are on social media to be aware of the kind of information they use to post on air, because of the constant criminal activities collecting information to use and defraud unsuspecting people.

The DSS further encouraged the Nigerians on the need of them to be wary and feel free to ask questions when and where there need to. Afunanya said, that all suspicion crime should be allowed to appropriate security agencies and also pass out information on time so that the needful can be done.

Married Momoh with children accepted that he committed the crime, as he was confessing that he has worked in the presidential villa for 2013 and 2014.

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