Sunday, June 26, 2022


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This is not the first day that we are hearing about the dangers and the effects of covid19 in the country, but today another different effect of the virus has been revealed, and this time around, it is on the side of the male counterpart, it has been revealed today that covid19 causes infertility in men.

Coronavirus disease 2020 which is seen as 2019 is now known as covid19 is an infectious disease that takes a man to an early grave except if treatment is taken with an immediate effect.

This disease has sent so many persons to an early grave. This disease is a transmitted one that can be shared from one person to the other through sneezing, coughing, exhales.

Study shows that covid19 could cause infection in the body as such making the body system to function well.

Infertility in men has caused sterility and makes them unfertile if they are infected, their sperm count will be reduced.

Dr. Dan Aderka of the Sheba medical center has screen healthy men for evidence of covid19, it was confirmed that in some cases, the virus made it way to the sperm.

This could possibly cause infertility because when a man or anyone who has contacted the virus is not in a healthy state, he/she cannot function well.

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What’s more, in post-mortum tests of 12 patients, the Sheba Medical Center found severe changes in the testicular cells supporting sperm development and those producing testosterone.

Though it actually infected place could possibly be the lungs, kidney, liver, etc. But SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) has shown that it could also affect both the respiratory system and the fertility system.

COVID 19 is like malaria, once its syndrome occurs, within a period of 2/3 days, it circulates because of the strong plasmodium parasite that enters the body.

Once it sprayed like that, it circulates around the body and makes the body unwell or unfunctional. That’s why the is a possibility that COVID 19 can actually cause infertility in men, making them unable to impregnate a woman.

Whatever symptoms you notice, don’t hesitate to visit the nearby hospital or clinic and stay safe.

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  1. You people have come again. Which one is covid-19 can cause infertility in men? The way you found it out, why didn’t you guys find the cure too. All you are concerned about is to create fear on everybody.

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