What Companies are in the Consumer Services Field?

Businesses and consumers are served by companies in the consumer services sector. This kind of enterprise can include everything from offering basic services like meals and transportation to offering more individualised services like clothes stores and beauty parlours. Every day, new businesses, ranging from internet marketplaces to retail behemoths, sprout up. The market size of the consumer services sector worldwide is $18.8 trillion.

CompaniesNumber of EmployeesCountry of Origin
Walmart, Inc.2,300,000USA
Amazon.com, Inc.1,544,000USA
Tata Consultancy Services616,171India
Deutsche Post583,816Germany
United Parcel Services500,000USA
Home Depot500,000USA


Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas

Size: 2,300,000

An international retailer is Walmart. Sam Walton created it in 1962. Over 11,000 outlets are run by the corporation worldwide.

One of the biggest corporations in the world right now is Walmart. Sam’s Club, Walmart International, and Walmart Stores U.S. make up the company’s three business divisions. Grocery stores, department stores, apparel stores, and sporting goods shops are just a few of Walmart’s consumer offerings.


Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Size: 1,544,000 employees

An American e-commerce and cloud computing corporation is called Amazon. The business was established on July 5th, 1994. According to total sales and market capitalization, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.

Amazon is the second-biggest employment in the United States and the world’s largest Internet company by revenue (behind Walmart). The business is among the most prosperous consumer services organisations in the world. Consumer service areas on Amazon range from groceries and health supplies to clothing and cosmetics.

Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry)

Headquarters: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Size: 826,608 employees

Consumer gadgets are made by the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn. It is the biggest producer of contract electronics in the world. Being one of the biggest producers of Apple products, Foxconn is well known.

Additionally, the business produces goods for numerous businesses, including Sony, HP, and Amazon. Manufacturing, design engineering, and research and development are all on Foxconn’s list of consumer services. The business, which has thousands of employees, is well-known in the service sector.


Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Size: 721,000 employees

According to size, Accenture is the biggest consulting company in the world. It is a global consulting company that offers IT and other corporate services. In 1989, Accenture was established. It has locations in 120 nations.

The business is praised for its innovation on a worldwide scale and proficiency in the consumer services sector. The consumer services offered by Accenture include consulting, technology, analytics, and digital transformation. The business offers a wide range of clientele, including multinational corporations, government organisations, and healthcare providers.


Headquarters: Wolfsburg, Germany

Size: 641,900 employees

Volkswagen is a German automaker with a broad selection of automobiles and off-road vehicles. “Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des productionswirtschaftlichen Automobils” was the name under which the business was established in 1937.

Based on size, the business, now known as Volkswagen, is the biggest automaker in the world. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are among the consumer products and services offered by Volkswagen.

Tata Consultancy Services

Headquarters: Maharashtra, Mumbai

Size: 616,171 employees

An international IT corporation based in India is called Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The business has offices in 46 different countries, giving it a global reach. A group of engineers from the University of Bombay formed the business in 1968. The business is well known for having highly qualified IT experts and has long been regarded as a “Employer of Choice.” It is the first Indian company to appear on the Fortune Global 100 list of the largest businesses worldwide.

One of the biggest businesses in the consumer services sector and a major provider of IT services globally is TCS. TCS specialises in providing engineering and technology service delivery while providing a wide range of services to its clients. When TCS inked a contract with General Electric in 1981, it became the first Indian business to offer software services to a Fortune 500 organisation.

Deutsche Post

Headquarters: Bonn, Germany

Size: 616,171 employees

The government-owned postal service in Germany is called Deutsche Post. The business was established in the 16th century and has a lengthy history. Postal, package, logistics, and shipping services are just a few of the many consumer services that Deutsche Post provides.

The business is well known for providing international postal delivery services. One of the top businesses in the consumer services sector, Deutsche Post is now well-known. The business, a prominent player in the consumer services sector, provides a range of services to both consumers and companies.


Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 583,816 employees

An international supermarket chain in America is called Kroger. In 31 states, the firm runs more than 2,800 outlets. Since its founding in 1883, Kroger has grown significantly and achieved success.

One of the top ten consumer services corporations, Kroger has gained widespread recognition in the grocery market. Grocery products and similar retail goods are included in the company’s customer services.

United Parcel Service

Headquarters: Sandy Springs, ‎Georgia‎

Size: 500,000 employees

One of the top logistics companies in the world is United Parcel Service (UPS), which delivers packages. They provide a wide range of consumer services, including international shipping, freight forwarding, mail services, and document delivery. UPS has been offering consumers dependable, effective delivery services for almost 100 years.

UPS provides a wide range of additional services in addition to delivery, including packing options and return services. Due to the company’s extensive network of ships, planes, and trucks, shipments are delivered fast and without delay. UPS has established itself as a reliable corporate and consumer partner thanks to its extensive worldwide reach and highly acclaimed customer care.

Home Depot

Headquarters: Atlanta, ‎Georgia‎

Size: 500,000 employees

Home Depot is a large, international American retailer of building goods. The business was established in 1978 and is now well-known in the consumer services sector.

Consumer services offered by Home Depot include building and remodelling, gardening and outdoor living products, and materials for landscaping. The business has a significant internet following and has established itself as a trusted supplier of building materials.

What Companies are in the Consumer Services Field in the United States?

Walmart, Inc.2,300,000
Amazon.com, Inc.1,544,000
United Parcel Service500,000
Home Depot500,000
Berkshire Hathaway372,000

Target Corporation

Headquarters: Minnesota

Size: 450,000 employees

Since its establishment in 1902, Target has been a renowned retailer whose success has been constantly rising. This business is renowned for offering customers high-quality goods and services. Target provides customers with access to a wide variety of goods, including apparel, groceries, and home goods.


Headquarters: Washington

Size: 383,000 employees

Starbucks is a well-known brand of coffee. The firm, which was established in 1971, has transformed the way consumers consume beverages and snacks. It has expanded to over 30,000 places worldwide, becoming a global phenomenon. Starbucks is now the biggest network of coffee shops in the world.

Berkshire Hathaway

Headquarters: Nebraska

Size: 372,000 employees

Insurance services are offered by Berkshire Hathaway, an insurance provider. This business was established in 1839. The biggest insurance firm in the world is a global conglomerate called Berkshire Hathaway. This organisation provides a wide range of insurance services, including life, health, auto, and homeowners insurance.


Headquarters: Minnesota

Size: 350,000 employees

Since its founding in 1977, UnitedHealth has grown to become one of the top suppliers of medical, dental, vision, and prescription medication coverage to both individuals and families. Additionally, UnitedHealth offers a range of support services for companies, including employee wellness programmes and health risk assessments. UnitedHealth places a major emphasis on preventative treatment and assisting people in maintaining their health.

Classification of Consumer Services Companies

The following are three classifications of consumer services companies:

  • Product Companies
  • Services Companies
  • Technology Companies

Product Companies

Companies that make products sell them to both businesses and consumers. Consumer products and capital goods companies are the two primary categories of product firms. Direct sales of consumer items are common. Businesses are typically sold capital items by companies. Consumer goods include things like clothing, food and drink, and healthcare supplies. Materials for construction, equipment, and raw materials are examples of capital goods.

Services Companies

Services firms offer both businesses and people intangible products or services. These businesses can also be divided into supporting services and core services. Software, logistics, and consulting services are a few examples of supporting services. Financial, healthcare, and educational services are considered to be core services. Companies that fall under the hybrid category include those in the hospitality, transportation, and IT industries.

Technology Companies

Technology firms produce and market products or services that support other companies’ fundamental business operations. They manufacture technology for other businesses, including telecom, electronic, and computer hardware. These businesses are further divided into hardware and software businesses. Software firms, telecommunications firms, internet service providers, and data storage firms are a few examples of technology firms.

What Companies in the Consumer Services Field Look For When Hiring?

It’s crucial to know what employers are searching for when you start your job hunt in the consumer services industry and how to sell yourself as the ideal candidate. Employers want to work with people who are committed to their professions, have the necessary training and work history, and have a track record of providing excellent customer service. You’ll need to be a great team member, have strong communication and technological skills, and be knowledgeable in a variety of other areas to succeed in this field.

Customer service, sales, marketing, and operations are just a few of the positions that consumer services businesses hire for. No matter what kind of work you’re going for, it’s critical to highlight your relevant education and experience and how they will be useful in the role.

In summary:

  • Understand the job requirements
  • Have the right qualifications and experience
  • Demonstrate customer service excellence
  • Possess the tools companies are looking for
  • Make the most of your application

Conclusion: What Companies are in the Consumer Services Field?

The consumer services sector is very diverse and made up of several businesses. To varied customer bases, these businesses provide a variety of services. Retail, e-commerce, consulting, transportation, and insurance are a few of these services.

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