College Now Scholarship: Breaking Financial Barriers

Kingsborough Community College, a division of the City University of New York (CUNY), and 39 public high schools in New York City collaborate on College Now, a renowned, free high school to college program that enrolls approximately 7,000 students each year.

Its main goal is to educate students—especially those with average or above-average academic achievement—to successfully navigate the academic and emotional adjustments that come with becoming college freshmen. The curriculum provides high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with rigorous developmental coursework and college credit equivalent to the first year of study.

When it was first thought of, in the fall of 1983, high schools and universities hardly ever worked together. When 449 students were chosen from four nearby high schools for the program’s first class in the spring of 1984, it went into operation. As a result of its quick success, the program was expanded over the following five years to 17 high schools.

The university implemented the program at its five other community colleges in 1998 in response to the concerns of diminishing high school academic achievement and intense demands on remediation at CUNY. The College Now Initiative was launched by the CUNY Chancellors and the New York City Board of Education in February 2000 with the aim of increasing student access to the College Now program and extending its mission to include higher standards of academic achievement for all public high school students.

With the inclusion of the university’s undergraduate colleges as a result of this historic partnership, the number of school partnerships has risen to over 470. The initiative wants to eventually serve more than 45,000 kids a year and be accessible to all NYC public high schools. 

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Benefits on college now


Earn credits that transfer to the majority of colleges and institutions by enrolling in freshman-level college courses.

Credit Courses for New Students (3 credits)


While attending college can be exhilarating, it can also be stressful. Learn about college before you start to lessen your worry.

Courses for Student Development (1 credit each)


Improve your reading, writing, and math abilities for college entry so you won’t have to waste time or money on remedial coursework.

Courses to Prepare for College (0 credit)


Classes and textbooks at College Now are free!

In the United States, the price of tuition for higher education has been rising. You will save thousands of dollars by earning every College Now credit in your high school tuition-free and with all required textbooks included.


College Credits today might lessen your college course load and perhaps hasten your graduation.


Your high school is where you complete all of the College Now activities, registration, counseling, orientation, and coursework. Classes meet either prior to or following the regular school day.


Your high school has a College Now designated office with staff who are solely focused on helping and advising you.


High school instructors with college degrees make up the College Now faculty. To make sure that their courses are taught adequately for a college context, they regularly attend professional development meetings at Kingsborough Community College.


The Myself Third Scholarship, the New York City Model Council Project, the Kingsborough Rob Pero Scholarship, the Rob Pero Certificate of Achievement Award, Weekend College Now, and our Student Advisory Board are just a few of the opportunities available to you through College Now. Get the inside scoop on all of these programs and more.

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