Sunday, June 26, 2022

China finally congratulates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on US Election win after days of silence

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JOE BIDEN: After three days of silence to acknowledge the victory regarding Biden’s wins, China finally congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on winning the U.S election.

“We have been following the reaction on this U.S. presidential election from both within the United States and from the international community,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a briefing in Beijing on Friday. “We respect the American people’s choice and extend congratulations to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris.”

Wang said that the result of the U.S presidential election will be determined following the U.S law and procedures.

The acknowledgment emerged after Biden victory, the defeat of Donald Trump in Arizona, one of the battleground states.

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Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and China were the countries yet to congratulate the president-elect as they were waiting for the votes to be confirmed by the U.S Electoral college next month.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Petkov said that it is correct to wait for the official results of the elections to be announced. He really wants to get the confirmed the actual results.

In 2016 Russian president Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump immediately after he was demanded the winner on the US media projections.

Biden Joe and Kamala harris are now known officially as president on the election being conducted.

As the previous state has congratulated Biden on his victory, other U.S states wish to congratulate him again on his wins.

These congratulatory messages will strengthen him to lead his people with a sense of intelligence and human leadership.

Despite the fact that people are still bewildered if how Biden win the election without proper conduction of votes from all the states, the state still wish him well in his new position as president of America

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