Saturday, August 13, 2022

CCTV Caught A Man on Camera Stealing Laptop

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CCTV camera has spotted a man who was caught stealing a laptop from an electronic shop while under the pretense of a customer who wanted to buy electronic gadgets..
After he had stolen the laptop, he tried hiding it inside his trouser but unknown he was watched clearly behind the scenes.
According to the CCTVhttp://CCTV Caught A Man on Camera Stealing Laptop video that caught him during the hideous act, the man initially put u[ the pretense of just checking out the electronic gadget as it caught his interest but while he taught he had cleverly scrutinized for any eyes on him.
He then resorted to forcefully hiding the gadget in his trouser unknown to him he was digging his own grave as he CCTVhttp://CCTV Caught A Man on Camera Stealing Laptop was zooming in on him all the while.
After  hiding the gadget, the man pretended to be waiting at the counter for a sales agent to who will then attend to him.
Tap on the link below to view the hideous act he committed
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