Brazilian Rapper,Mc Atrevida lost Her Life To Cosmetic Surgery @43

Fernanda Rodrigues a Brazilian rapper Atrevida,underwent a liposculpture procedure which was allegedly  performed by a gynecologist in Rio De Janeiro last month ,this was to re move excess fat from her back to inject it into her bum,!!!funny enough ,but how does this even sound from back to bum!!.

The surgery went horribly wrong, which led to her untimely death @43.



Rodrigues complained of  serious pains in her back plus some painful inflammations all over her body. Rodrigus AkA Mc Atrevida was admitted into the the hospital on July 26,and was instantly taken to the intensive unit due to the critical health condition,she did not make it out alive because complications such as kidney failure ,sepsis,etc came up.

Report had it that she could have been save if she had received on time. The doctors also claimed that an undisclosed substances had been combined with the fat before it was pumped into her glutes during the operation.

Her friend Janine Vieira revealed that she made several attempts to reach the doctors who performed the cosmetic surgery ,but the clinic ignored her.

However, still speaking to online site GI , she said ,

I practically pleaded with the clinic for the number of the doctor to help my friend but they refused to help, this she believed contributed  to the death of her dear friend .

It was confirmed that there is an open investigation into the case by the regional council of medicine in the state of Rio De Janeiro.

The regional council confirmed that Rodrigues surgery took place at a clandestine aesthetic clinic in the Brazilian city,but the lawyers for the clinic’s owner,wania Tavres,denied the claims, wow!!!!

We will keep you updated with the news ,but honestly removing fat from your back and putting it back into your bum is funny enough .Lolzzz ok!!

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  1. This is just sad, the clinic should be investigated so that more lives won’t be lost. Meanwhile we women should try to be confident and happy with their natural body not trying to change it

    1. Tragic.. The hospital(s) involved should be thoroughly investigated and brought to book for any form of negligence on their part.

  2. Ladies, we put ourselves under unnecessary pressure. Why can’t we feel very beautiful in our own skin, must we add? God has made us beautiful and gorgeous already. There’s really no need to retouch. Now she is dead, what will she tell God?

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