Biography Of BBNaija Contestant Lucy Essien

Biography Of BBNaija Contestant Lucy Essien


NAME: Lucy Edet Essien

BORN: 4th April 1990(age 30)

STATE: Lagos, Nigeria


My guess is, you are a big fan of BBNaija and you probably want to know about Lucy in particular. Apart from her fight with Nengi, Lucy is a nice and loving person and am sure you will be amazed by her biography. Lucy is an entrepreneur who is a housemate of the ongoing BBNaija reality show.

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Lucy have made it clear that being on BBNaija is a lifetime achievement. Like any other contestant, she hopes to win the grand prize, which is N85 million, by the end of week 10. Lucy attending the show has proven worthwhile to many of her fans. Lucy fans are now known as lucination.

Biography Of BBNaija Contestant Lucy Essien

Early Life

Lucy whose full names are Lucy Edet Essien was born on 4 April 1990 in Lagos. Lucy is known to have lost both parents at the age of 13, since then she has been working hard on odd jobs to carter for herself. She did jobs like selling of roasted plantain by the roadside and feeding from such proceed.

Lucy was a student of the University of Calabar where she was studying mass communication but had to drop cause she couldn’t afford the bill anymore. Lucy eventually went back to continue with her studies at the University of Calabar where she had earlier drooped out.  She eventually graduated with a second class upper. Lucy said, this is her greatest achievement ever. She also cites her not getting pregnant to this day as her other greatest accomplishment.


In her interview with BBNiaja, Lucy said that she is currently single and not ready to go into one again as she said she was previously in a relationship that ended after her partner impregnated another lady with twins.

Quoting her, from the short interview she did with BBNaija, Lucy said the following about her past relationship,

…complicated um… past relationship, yeah. It’s just a crazy story, very crazy. The summary is, he got someone pregnant with twins, and he’s still trying to get back.

Lucy is an entrepreneur, as She is the CEO of Lucianas Grill. Lucy explained that the grill is popularly known for its tasty foods such as Bolle, fish, and roasted plantain, among many other local Nigerian dishes.

Lucy business is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her business offers its customers a wide range of services at various events. Lucy can be described as a hard worker, she always works hard in life to make ends meet. So, being in the competition is a dream come true to her.

Stay In Bbnaija

In the second week, Lucy was lucky to win the Head of house title, and she picked Prince as her deputy, and they sure did have a good time leading the house. Unfortunately as time went on she had a difficult time managing her fellow housemates, who frustrated her regime as head of house.

Lucy clearly blamed it all on her fellow housemates for her failure, for always disobeying her, and therefore causing them to fail at their task.


Lucy will be hoping to be the winner of this year BBNaija reality show or at least be a runner up. No one can say for sure if this will happen, but one sure thing to know is that Lucy is business-oriented and has always survived through a hard time, hence big brother Naija won’t be surprising to her even if she gets evicted early.

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