Best Ideas For Packing Gel Hairstyles

You must be online right now looking for trendy and beautiful packing gel hairstyles to rock. You certainly are in the right as this post shows and tell you great trendy and beautiful packing gel hairstyles you can rock.

You certainly can choose from varieties of different packing gel hairstyles you want to rock either for festive or casual purposes, also they are the option of if you want it smooth or very classic in terms of the design. The length of your hair needs to be taken into consideration as there are different styles based on the length of the hair.

Having a nice hairstyle is a sure way to boost your self-esteem as you are certain you look good to face anyone, hence why a minimum amount of time and resources need to be given to your hair. In this list, the different decoration can be used based on its purpose. If it for casual purpose no need to attach too much decoration, unlike festive purpose.packing gel hairstyle

The packing gel style is really a popular style in Nigeria amongst women, tho this hairstyle is mainly rocked on low cut, as most women prefer to have it in small quantity cause of the weather of the country which is always hot. Therefore they are always on curls. With the aid of a rubber band and hairpin, you’d have a great look.

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Best Ideas For Packing Gel Hairstyles

  • The Pigtail Style

Another popular way is making pigtail into a bundle. You just need to Simply grab your soft hair at the temple and then braid it into a cornrow until you reach the satisfying location. After the braid is all ready, twist it into a beautiful bundle and fasten it with invisible hairpins.

Note that With the use of some styling tools and equipment, you can make a bigger and better braid.

  • The High Ponytail Style

Also Some nice styles can be made into a high and huge ponytail. What you need is to twist the tail into a special roller and wrap it, the same bundle is then stretched on the sides and fastened with studs. A bunch that is ready-made can be decorated with just a comb.

  • The Horsetail Style

The next way is to create a horsetail style to add some extensions and get a more voluminous and beautiful look.  A nice bundle on the top would be nice too. To achieve this, pick a tail above the top of the head and wind the strands around the base, this quick and easy hairstyle can be done for a simple, yet, stunning look for casual or festive use.

  • The Bun Style

You also can pack your hair into a gallant bun for a beautiful look. Even the simplest bun, which is well assembled and fixed, can be very nice. Look at the pictures of packing gel hairstyles below. You can see many of them are finished off with a simple and nice bun. A bun never goes out of fashion. To form a nice bundle of hair, you only need a comb, an elastic band, gel, water, and a few pins with of course a little time.

  • The Normal Ponytail Style

Don’t forget Short hair can be easily assembled into a nice normal ponytail. You just need to comb the strands and fasten with an elastic band. The short tail looks very stylish and will brighten your look. More elegant styling is done by weaving. Just take some hair on one side and twist it, picking up strands in the direction of the neck. At the back of the hair, fix the strands with invisible hairpins to form a shell-like structure. It’s believed that long loose hair can as a lady a special charm and emphasizes her femininity mAer look more attractive. A braid offers you a special look. Today there are many different weaves, but the traditional cornrow is still very popular.


You’d never go wrong with a packing gel hairstyle for either casual or festive purposes. Anytime any day it is a pass that makes women look simple and yet gorgeous. You should try anyone from the list and see which suits you perfectly.

6 thoughts on “Best Ideas For Packing Gel Hairstyles”

  1. I have never done packing gel actually because I have natural hair……Maybe I’ll try now. Thanks for the post.

  2. I will always go with the Bun style, never goes out of fashion, easy to pack and repack, gives you elegance in your casual attire. Give it a trial if you’ve not.

  3. High ponytail anytime anyday> But you’ve got to understand the shape of your face before wanting to do any packing Gel style


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