Bashir Magashi: Nigeria is Independent of You All

Bashir Magashi: Federal Government of Nigeria has sternly issued a warning to the general public that it will not fold its hands and watch as the country is scattered.

This was made known to the press by Bashir Magashi, the Defense Minister while briefing the press about the resurrected protests at the Lekki Toll Gate while he was in Kano.

He was at Kano state due to the APC membership revalidation exercise that started newly.

He clearly explained that Buhari-led government will be independent of the way people think they can bend it to suit them.

He further appreciated the Buhari-led government concerning its new service chiefs appointment and stated that the best is yet to come with the government fight against insurgency.

He also commented on Nasir El-Rufai, Kaduna State Governor who objected to granting remission to bandits.

He said that the governor should learn to follow laid down protocols and fall in line since no state is alone or left out.

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