Antonio Costa: Portugal To Go Into Second Lockdown

Antonio Costa, the Prime Minister of Portugal after the government cabinet meeting 7 days ago has made it clear that the country’s government has decided that a second lockdown will take place as soon as 22th January, yesterday.
Though the initial plan was to lockdown without pausing Academic activities but due to coronavirus surge in the United Kingdom, the decision was taken so as to mitigate such surge which has claimed thousands of thousands of lives.
Portugal made it known that it will pause activities of its schools for 14 days in an effort to curb the increase in coronavirus cases with concerns over the spread of a more contagious UK strain now at alarming.
Prime Minister Antonio Costa said the lock down will starts this week Friday, and that the decision was reached after a cabinet meeting just a week after the government imposed a second lock down that did not require shutting schools or universities.
According to the report from the Portuguese health authorities, the number of fatalities in a day in the country is now a record.
The current surge in the coronavirus is as a result of the variant covid-19 virus which is termed the British strain which is very fatal that the first known covid-19 virus strain and which has infected as many as 14,647 people in one day.

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