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Annastecia Mary Accused Of Missing 17 Year Old Girl

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ANNASTECIA MARY: They knew the kind of daughter they have, and they still have the guts to arrest her madam when she got missing.

She is just seventeen years old and she is already wayward.

This story about the missing girl who was later found inside a hotel with two boys was told by her madam who was the on that bore the consequences of the girl’s disappearance.

Annastasia Mary said that the teenage girl was enrolled as a student in her makeup studio by her family.

She said that on August 12th,2020 a woman whom she has known for a very long time came to her studio with two of her daughters to enroll them into makeup class. one of the daughters is 24 years old while the other one is 17 years old.

After three weeks the older one of 24 years old went back to nursing school leaving the junior one to continue the work. When the girl went back to nursing school, the mother instructed Mrs. Annastecia Mary the madam to make sure that the other girl is always at home on or before 4 pm.

The madam stuck to the instruction, without knowing that the reason for that instruction was because the mother have seen how her 17year old daughter row with boys in the street, to the extent that she sometimes comes back home around 9 pm after school.

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On that faithful day 110th of Sep 2020,  Annastecia  Mary dismissed her by exactly 3.30 pm, and she left the shop as usual. Around 7oclock on that same evening, the mother of that 17-year-old girl called the saloon to complain that her daughter is not yet back. they became very confused because she was dismissed on time.

The mother did not waste time to involve the police about the case, she went as far as paying them to arrest Mrs Annastecia mary and other people learning in her shop. When the police arrived, all of them were arrested, the woman ordered the police to retain them until she finds her daughter.

The policemen continued the search, luckily for them, they traced the girl to a boy identified as her boyfriend’s brother who revealed the hotel the brother took her to.

The polemen and the girl’s family immediately rushed to the hotel only to find the girl comfortably swimming with two boys. She was forced into the motor and they drove off.

They immediately released Mrs Annastecia mary and others. She deeply lamented about everything she lost, starting from money, to her client and then to the shame it brought to her business name.

What a world, she insisted on claiming damages, lets watch and see how it goes

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