Abbas Yusuf: Meet The Ethiopian Hyena Man/Whisperer

Abbas Yusuf, A.K.A Hyena Man is a man whose family has achieved remarkable feat that is virtually impossible for others to do and which has lasted for more than 50 years and counting.

He hails from a remote Ethiopian village in the Eastern part of the country, Harar can now be seen in the village feeding Hyenas without harming him or tourists who come to watch and join him in feeding the wild animals.

But all was not smooth and going in the country due to the unending killings of humans by the wild spotted Hyenas in a quest to satisfy their hunger. These killings continued until the villagers couldn’t take it any longer they retaliated by killing the Hyenas too.

This killings continued for both parties involved till one day Yusuf Mume Salleh, Abbas Yusuf father came up with an idea to cease the killings and promote coexistence between them and the Hyenas.

Abbas Yusuf whose father Yusuf Mume Salleh brought up the idea of feeding every night since they are mostly nocturnal for complete 45 years non-stop till the Hyenas gradually stopped killing the villagers till this day.


The father then passed down the Baton to his son Abbas Yusuf 18 years ago and he has continued till this day.

Now, Hyenas can be seen during the morning or afternoon walking about in the village like other domestic animals eating scrap meat without harming or being harmed by anyone having achieved total coexistence between them as his father wanted.
Though, these animals don’t harm anyone but they still won’t hesitate to harm anyone who attacks their babies.
Abbas Yusuf now keeps a baby Hyena at Hyena which he takes care of without fear of being eaten.
He revealed that his father is very euphoric that he manned up took the responsibility seriously and will hand it down when its time.

He revealed that his working studiously on more attracting tourists to the village to boost their IGR.

Abbas Yusuf also can be seen giving the animals meet with a stick on his mouth so as to boast their trust in him. Curious Tourists also join him in doing same and are always amazed at this wonderful feat.



He also named their in keeping with their distinct character. Some of their notable names include Abaska, Dabbassoo, Tuqan Dilii, Qallaa etc
This rare relationship between man and wild animals such as the spotted Hyenas has been ongoing for more than 50 year now.
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